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4th Grade Teacher
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Fourth Grade


About the Teacher

NAME: Amanda Legge (sounds like La-gee)

SCHOOL: Ooltewah Elementary

CLASS: 4th Grade Literacy (Mrs. Brooks is my co-teacher)

I love teaching!

Let's see...what do you want to know about me???? Hmmmmm.... Well, this is my 
third year at Ooltewah Elementary. I am so excited to be teaching within the 
very community in which I live! I moved to OES from Westview Elementary where 
I taught 4th grade.

I earned my Master's Degree in education from the University 
of Tennessee, Chattanooga. My undergraduate degree is in Mass Communications 
from Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro.

Before deciding to become a teacher, I worked in public relations/marketing 
for about ten years. The job I enjoyed the most was working for Tri-Cities 
Regional Airport. This was a blast because I got to watch airplanes take-off 
and land from my office! This was also a very creative job because I got to 
solve problems, write stories, work on websites, and create things like 
presentations and brochures. I also was able to do things that I never 
thought I would get to do, like riding in an emergency response helicopter! I 
have also worked as a radio news anchor/reporter, manager of a store similar 
to Game Stop, and as a costume person for Opryland (the Nashville theme park 
that no longer exists...sad...).

I have a wonderful family. My daughter, Justice, is in the 11th grade, and 
my son, Cameron, is in the 6th grade. My daughter, Aubrey, is one year old. My husband, Joe, is a news 
anchor/reporter for WDEF-TV, ch. 12. My parents are retired and live here too. 
They are all instrumental in my endeavor to become and remain a teacher. They 
have each shown more support than I deserve!

Favorite Book: I can't possibly name just one! I enjoy everything from 
Goodnight Moon to Wicked (Gregory Maguire's alternate story of the Wicked 
Witch and Oz!). I really like the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter books too. I 
read about 300 pages each week! I am always looking for my next book to read, 
so please give me recommendations.

Favorite Movie: Cinema Paradiso (Italian) is about a man who kind of lost his 
way, became successful anyway, and then realizes the importance of the people 
in his life. I enjoy any type of movie, except scary ones!

Learning should be fun!

I believe that learning is about exploration and curiosity. I want to provide 
an environment where students feel safe to try-out new ideas and explore 
options while learning. I absolutely require students to think for 
themselves. I expect them to try!

Even when a student shares a wrong answer, it provides a lot of information 
for me. A student should not be embarrassed or afraid of answering incorrectly 
because that allows me to understand where the error in thinking is taking 
place. Once we can clear that up, then we can move on!

However, student participation is required to accomplish this kind of 
environment. Students must be willing to follow directions and participate 
with partners and groups for this to work.