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School Counseling
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Parent Resources
Behavior Charts and Tips

Parenting Classes

Big Brother and Big Sister

Mentorship program for students who need a role model outside of the home. This is a great ooportunity for students to connect with a mentor of the their gender who will help to develop a student who may be lacking a role model in the familty of the same gender.

All you have to do if you are interested is to "Enroll a Little" on their website and they will contact you from there.

Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland

Providing after school programs for students who need additional support. Go to the website and click on the link "Programs" where it will describe in detail the different types of programs that they offer.

Children's Advocacy Center

Providing assistance to children who have experienced sexual abuse.

Sign Up for Snack Packs

If you family is struggling with providing food, Ooltewah Elementary School has a program called snack packs. Local organizations donate a sack with breakfast and lunch for the weekend for families in need. This can be either long term or short term. If you feel that you need this assistance, please fill out the form. We will do our best to fulfill any and all needs.

Career Websites
Paws in Jobland


This is a website that we used in classroom guidance and is fun for the students to continue to explore potential careers for the future.


Internet Safety
5th Grade Internet Safety



This website would be approprite form 5th grade students and up to learn about internet safety.

Military Families
MIlitary Child Education Coalition

Our Focus

The MCEC is focused on ensuring quality educational opportunities for all military-connected children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition.



Sesame Street for Military Families