Arrival Procedures

  • All students will be dropped off in the front area, K-5. 
  • Cars will fill up lanes 1-7.
  • Cars will use the loop to enter the lanes, same as the afternoon. 
  • Starting at 8:15, all cars in lanes 1-7 will turn off their engines. 
  • Engines must remain off until a faculty member has directed them to turn their engine back on.  
  • All students/parents will be directed by the staff, using a waving arm motion, to exit their vehicle.
  • Students will walk down the aisle heading towards the front sidewalk.  Lane 1 students  will exit to the sidewalk next to them. 
  • After all students have been let out of cars in lanes 1-7, parents can turn their engines back on. 
  • The staff will direct vehicles to exit, starting with lane 1.  
  • The faculty member at the back, will direct cars to start filling up the lanes, starting with lane 1.
  • This process will repeat until 8:40. 
  • Beginning at 8:40, cars will be instructed to pull along the sidewalk in which the parent will need to bring their child into the front office to be checked in.  
  • Parents who park and are walking their child into the school must use the cross walk located by our two stop signs. 

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